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February was a little quieter than usual, but we used the time to our advantage with getting prepared for the year ahead and stocked up for the services.

We have hit the ground running coming into March with calendars completely booking out and more regulars on board than ever, we think it's time to add another Team member. Currently at 3 three team members another one would give us the ability to detail another 80-100 cars a month. If you know anyone who is looking for a job please have them send their Resume our way!

A new detailing vehicle was added to our mobile fleet in February (Pictured above with detailing dog), ready for a new team member. Currently we have two rangers and a van, you may have seen them arriving at your service.

If you guys could take minute to like our Facebook page and leave us a review there we'd greatly appreciate it. We currently have 82 Google reviews and are trying to build our social media platforms. We've been having issues with the review function of facebook, if you experience this, feedback would be greatly appreciated

As always it is you guys, our valued customers that make what we do possible, and for that i'd like to say on behalf of the team at ATD Thank you. If you're due for a detail, get in touch, we're booking out very fast, we always look to service

our return customers first when possible...

Have an incredible month

Alex | ATD

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